Drop Off Information

Pick-up will be at the lobby of the Radisson Blu Hotel. If you are staying at Protea, please check out first and come to Radisson Blu before the pick-up time. Check-out is by 12 noon. Please go to the hotel reception desk

Workshop venue on Saturday 15 June

Education Transforming Power (W01) – Conference Hall 1 Gender: Leadership and Power (W02) – Conference Hall 2 Racism: Power and Privilege (W03) – Conference Hall 3 Caste: Discrimination and power (W04) – Meeting Room 3 Dismantling Militarized Empire (W05) – Meeting Room

Health and Wellness

There will be a medical nurse stationed at Assembly venue. Please reach out to the information desk for any medical emergency. The emergency contacts are also placed on your name tag.


There will be rehearsal sessions every day before the dinner for the following day beginning from today with an exception for today that we will meet after Dinner at 9:00 PM. For those involved in the assembly sessions Speakers, worship leaders, Bible


The Assembly chaplains are available to provide any spiritual assistance. Please reach out to the information desk in case any assistance needed The contact details of the Chaplains and emergency contact persons are also printed behind your name tags